The purposes of the Vancouver Grain Exchange Society are as follows:

a) To encourage and promote the shipment of grain via the West Coast of Canada.

b) To organize, establish and maintain an association related to the grain industry, not for financial profit or gain, but for the purpose of promoting objects and measures for the advancement of trade and commerce and to disseminate information to its membership.

c) To promote the development of businesses capable of providing services, facilities and equipment required by or which will benefit the interests of persons, firms and corporations which are involved in the grain industry.

d) To promote and protect all interests concerned in the purchase, sale and handling of grain and grain products and to inspire confidence and stability in the methods and workings and integrity of its members.

e) To avoid and amicably adjust, settle and determine, controversies and misunderstandings between persons engaged in the said trade, or which may be submitted to Arbitration as hereinafter provided.

f) To promote the establishment and maintenance of uniformity in the business, customs and regulations among the persons engaged in the grain industry and promote the highest standards of business ethics among those engaged in the grain industry.

g) To further co-operation among persons, firms, and corporations in Western Canada, engaged in the grain industry.

h) To undertake the study of issues and opportunities relating to the grain industry and to exchange information among members and others.

i) To recommend legislation and regulations on matters which shall or may affect the grain industry, to Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments.

j) To do all things necessary of incidental to the attainment of the objects of the Society.

k) To do all things as are necessarily incidental to or that are reasonable ancillary to any of the foregoing or of the same general nature.


The operations of the Society will be carried on chiefly in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, and in various other ports in the Province of British Columbia.  This provision is alterable.

Please find our bylaws attached below for reference:

Vancouver Grain Exchange Consititution & By-Laws

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