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The Vancouver Grain Exchange is a not-for-profit member association based in Vancouver, British Columbia, whose main purpose is to promote and encourage the shipment of grain via the west coast of Canada, as well as businesses providing services, facilities and equipment required by the industry.

In doing so, the Vancouver Grain Exchange offers a platform for colleagues to get together and discuss issues within the industry and if necessary, recommend legislation and regulations on matters which may affect the grain industry, to Federal, Provincial or Municipal governments. Should there be a disagreement, the Vancouver Grain Exchange’s goal is to amicably adjust, settle and determine misunderstandings between persons engaged in the trade.

Notably, the Vancouver Grain Exchange, in collaboration with the CGOEA, is also the official body on the West Coast of Canada for the issuing of event of delays in cases where any labour action prevents or delays the movement of goods to and/or from British Columbia.

Throughout the year the Vancouver Grain Exchange has also become well known for hosting its annual golf tournament, Christmas Lunch and pub nights as a place for industry colleagues to network.

The Vancouver Grain Exchange is also encouraging the development of youth within the industry by providing numerous scholarships each year, enabling students whose families work in the industry to attend further education.

The Vancouver Grain Exchange

355 Burrard Street

Suite 640

Vancouver, BC V6V 2G8

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